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Privacy Policy


CSi Certifications understands the ethical responsibility that comes with protecting and serving humanity. Therefore, it is of high importance to have an accord between CSi Certifications and our customers. The Terms and Conditions below guides the use of the website and any of its social media. Please read the following Terms and Conditions diligently before creating a user account and purchasing services through our website. The creation of a user account is considered as the acceptance to the Privacy Notice stated in this document. If you disagree with any of the terms written below you may not continue to access our services.

Let us create human chemistry of happiness, unity, and wellbeing with moral guidelines performing each of the organization´s activities with respect, honesty, and integrity.

Disclaimer, these policies only apply to the activities performed within the company’s website and social media and therefore abides by laws and regulations within these platforms.

Personal Information 

CSi Certifications rely on the accuracy of the information you provide as an individual or a company during the time of registering and delivering your required documentation to purchase your certification. This information will be stored and kept in the highest discretion.

To register within our community, you will need to provide your full name, mobile number, email and country. We will be passing along your full name and email to our partners Mercer|Mettl to receive your exam link.

There is also a user profile that will ask users for additional information such as profession, country, professional website, organization, objective, level of education, time-zone, academic institution, and languages. It is to user’s discretion if they wish to disclose that information. Information such as name, profession, country, and professional website will be accessible for the public whereas other information will only be available for other users. You will need to deactivate the information you wish to keep private.

There are documents we required to verify you as a student or a user which are copies of an official identification card and bachelor’s title. Academic grade transcripts, master’s and doctorate’s titles are optional.

During the certification process, we will ask for transaction information such as credit or debit card information at purchasing point through our partners at Stripe. Alternatively, there will be other methods of payment such as Paypal or bank statement.

At last, we keep records of your scheduled appointments for exams or support and your comments on satisfaction or support surveys.

General Information 

CSi Certifications wishes to understand our participants purchasing which we do by storing cookies to help us collect information that will allow us to remember you and a clickstream data which will help us identify your interaction within our website and social media. This is used by the Information Protocol (IP) through as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to better support you with knowledge of your interest. We collect and analyze information to improve our website and customize your experience with us. We also track the downloadable information you use to better understand your service preference.

You will be able to use our website and services with or without a “Do Not Track” disclosure.

Use of Information 

There are different reasons why we will use the personal information provided and the general information we receive.

1. The main reason is to set-up your exam in a precise quality guaranteed environment.

2. Having a user profile can provide a community space in which you will be able to share similarities and accomplishments with other members.

3. We will be able to send via e-mail information or offers that might interest you.

4. To analyze visits to the website to improve our content and services.

You will have the opportunity to deactivate your user profile and/or unsubscribe to emails if desired.

Limitation of liability 

It is important to use your account and password with care; we will not be responsible for user theft of identity. It is highly important to understand that there is also a certain risk of a third-party intervention when placing your personal information or data on the website in which we will do the best to our ability to protect but we do not guarantee the security of such information we receive from you.

We will not be responsible for other user’s inaccurate information written on their user profile.

Security Measures 

We have set-up a safe different security measures to secure a safe and protected environment for our visits and participants within our website to share their personal and general information that is shared with us directly and indirectly to us. Our website is monitored daily with the usage of firewall, DDoS, SSL Certificates, File Change Monitoring which fights against any malware, spam, Cross-Site scripting and SQL injections vulnerability, files, illegal resource access, bad bots, and OWASP Top 10 hacks and targeted attacks.

Notice Concerning Children 

Please notice that the content on the website is for a general audience and does not intend to address those under the age of 13.

We acknowledge our participant’s age is through their copy of their official identification number. However, participants can purchase their certifications and add information before delivering such their required document. We encourage parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 to supervise their online usage. If we learn that one of our participants is underage, we will do our best to protect their privacy by deleting their account from our website.

Third Parties 

As mentioned above we share your full name and email with our partners Mercer|Mettl to use their platform to perform the exams please read their privacy notice as well to be more familiar with their process. If you decide to purchase your certification through our partners at Stripe or PayPal you will be placing your credit or debit card information through them. Please learn more about Stripe privacy notice and PayPal privacy notice.

We will not be responsible for occurrences that may occur with our third parties.


We perform under non-disclosure information entrusted from certificants, employees, directors and/or organization regiment. Distribution of unauthorized information is strictly forbidden. Moreover, it is strongly advised for representatives of CSi Certifications to execute all activities with maximum discretion. In case the law enforcement of your country requests them we will be seen with the obligation to comply with the law.

Variations of Terms 

CSi Certifications reserves the right to change these conditions at any given time as it sees fit. We will inform any changes that are done in the Privacy Policy on our home page giving notice of anticipation before it changes. By accepting these terms, it expects users to revise the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.


It is our responsibility to acknowledge any violation that may occur and adequately report observations to staff. Failure to comply with the CSi Certifications Terms and Conditions and/or Code of Ethics can result in an investigation and permanent loss of the individual´s CSi Certificate. If notification of any violation of the above agreement occurs, we will put your account on hold until investigations have been completed.

Contact Information 

Please feel free to contact us if you any questions or concerns relating to the website or privacy policy at