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Conflict with Windows and the ETABS program

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  • Conflict with Windows and the ETABS program

    Description of the question: Why are there difficulties in working with the program?

    Question: Is there any update for ETABS 2015? I have some trouble working with it.
    1. Very often when I hit the “escape key” I have an error and I must restart.
    2. The detailing option is unpredictable.

    Answer: There is a conflict with Windows and the ETABS program, which produce the crash of the program each time you use some of the keyboard. This is a random issue.
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    This is a really difficult problem. And attempting to solve it can be just as aggravating because you'll waste a lot of time researching solutions on the Web, the majority of which will fail. That is why I prefer to use the clean-boot process since there is a possibility that Windows has not detected the difficulties caused by the two competing apps installed. If Windows detects two conflicting apps that were installed and operational, then the problem is fixed. And if everything is ok, download these music games available on your pc for free, see it here.