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Correspondence between elements

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  • Correspondence between elements

    To get correspondence between elements in CSiBridge software, a step-by-step moving load case should be defined.

    Multi-step static load cases can be defined as follows:
    > Define a "vehicle live" or "train live" type load pattern.
    > Input the parameters (lanes to be loaded, vehicles, vehicle speed, vehicle direction, etc.) into the "Modify Vehicle/Train Live Load" form.
    > A Multi-step static load case is automatically defined.

    Correspondence will only be true for individual steps, which represent a single vehicle position. It may not be true for Max/Min envelope output.

    There are some limitations to the vehicle/train live load pattern type, such as:
    - Distributed loads are not available. They will be either ignored, or the vehicle definition including these loads will not be used for the load generation. These can be discretized as a series of axle loads.
    - Opposite to the default Influence-based moving live load, all loads are always considered in the multi-step static load case, whether they reduce the response or not.

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