Q & A

Who is CSi Certifications?

We are dedicated to the certification of globally accepted structural engineering computer-aid knowledge. We serve as a channel for structural engineer professionals and students to become globally recognized, promote the profession, stand-out among peers, increase job opportunities, and create a community of friends.

CSi Certifications commits to delivering certificates and services with passion, integrity, innovation, and excellence.

What are the certifications?

We offer four certifications evaluating abilities in structural analysis within the CSi Software Packages for ETABS and SAP2000.

These certifications have two different levels in which differentiated by software proficiency; Certified User and Certified Student.

We expect to supply certification for SAFE and CSiBridge in the coming year and other surprise certifications as well.

What are the benefits is getting certified?

  • Global recognition.
  • Promote profession.
  • Stand-out among peers.
  • Increase job opportunities.
  • Join the community.
  • Prove your abilities.

What are the steps to complete the registration process?

  • Create a username.
  • Pick a certification right for you.
  • Purchase your certification.
  • Schedule evaluation appointment.
  • Study for evaluation.
  • Take evaluation.
  • Schedule interview appointment.
  • Prepare your presentation and model for the interview.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Recive certification.

What are the CSi Certifications pre-requisites?

The CSi Certifications pre-requisites vary depending on the specific certification:

  • Certified User – Candidate must have graduated from a Civil Engineer or Architecture program.
  • Certified Student – Candidate must be a student in the Engineering or Architecture program.

Which documentation are required for the registration?

The required documentation copies are as followed:

  • Official identification card with picture (required for all).
  • Bachelor's Degree (required for Certified Users).
  • Master and/or doctorate degree (optional for Certified Users).
  • Grade Report (optional for Certified Students).
  • Proof of payment (if the purchase was through by bank transfer).

Will the registration information and documentation copies be kept confidential?

We guarantee strict confidentiality with information delivered by all the certifications. In case the law enforcement of your country requests them we will be seen with the obligation to comply with the law.

Will I need to submit all the required documentation before partaking the certification exam?

No. However, you will need to submit all the required documentation to receive the certification after taking the exam.

When would I receive a documentation completion notification?

A CSi Certifications representative will send you a documentation verification registration notification within 48 hours of business days after uploading all required documentation. CSi Certification representative would also contact you if there is any doubt about the documents.

How is the exam formulated?

The exam consists of three parts:

  • 10 questions about key elements when using the program on a day-to-day basis.
  • Modeling a structure, step-by-step, from scratch.
  • Interpret the results of the completed model and correct errors if necessary.

How many days in anticipation could I schedule an exam?

After you have registered on the CSi Certifications, you will be able to schedule an examination appointment in your user profile. You will need to schedule your appointment 72 hours from the selected time and we will confirm during business hours.

Where would the certification examination take place?

All certification examinations will be taken online. After you have scheduled an appointment for your exam we will send you an exam link from the Mercer|Mettl platform via email.

How much is the certification exam?

Certification exam has various costs depending on the knowledge level:

  • Certified User – USD $500
  • Certified Student – USD $100

Will there be preparation courses provided?

Certified Users can opt for taking a one-day course after purchasing the certification.

What is the best way to prepare for a certification exam?

  • Reviewing the tables of content for the selected certification you will be examining.
  • Check the resource links CSi America provides with CSi Wiki, past webinars, and videos.

Is there any materials needed on the day of the exam?

On the day of the exam you will need a camera, microphone, and official identification card with a picture. Certified Users would need to install a commercial version of the program the exam will be on. Certified Students would need to install a student version in which they'll receive via email.

How do I keep my certification?

Certifications should be renewed every 2 years to preserve credits through a renewal fee of 50% value of the certification obtained.

What would happen if I have technical issue during the exam?

There will be a representative of Mercer/Mettl proctoring the exam and providing support if a technical issue arises.

What is the grade-point average for each certification?

The grade-point average depends on the certification you wish to obtain. The grade-points average is:

  • Certified User with 80%
  • Certified Student with 70%

After passing the exam, what is expected?

You will be able to receive your certification and be automatically added unto the membership list once you have passed the exam with the grade point needed for the certification requested, delivered all the required documentation and completed the certification payment.

Is it obligated to be enlisted on the membership list?

The participant will automatically be added to the membership list. Nonetheless, if you wish to be removed there will be an option for you to do so on the user profile section.

Can I re-take the exam?

If you fail the exam on your first attempt, you can re-take it as many times as needed to pass the exam. Please keep in mind for each time you take the exam you will need to pay the required examination fee of 50% value price of the selected certification.

Will I be able to hold more than one certification?

You may hold as many certifications as you would like which would depend on your experience, preference, and surpassing the certification exam.

After completing the registration process how long will I have to take the certification exam?

A year is provided for you to take the certification exam after completing the registration process.

What are membership badges?

We will offer five different membership badges; Bronze Membership, Silver Membership, Gold Membership, Platinum Membership, and Diamond Membership.

These membership badges will stand for the number of certified participants at any given establishment. For engineering companies’ badges will state how many employees hold a Certified User (or Expert) and for universities badges will represent how many students achieve a Certified Student.

How many employees/students should a membership have?

The number of employees/students depends on the Membership Badge:

  • Diamond Membership –  50 employees/students
  • Platinium Membership –  30 employees/students
  • Gold Membership –  20 employees/ students
  • Silver Membership – 10 employees/students
  • Bronze Membership – 5 employees/students

What benefits would engineering companies with membership badges have?

The benefits of membership badges for engineering companies are:

  • Listing to the CSi Enterprise Membership Finder.
  • Worldwide recognition of your company.
  • Exhibit membership badge on your website.
  • Eligible to evaluate pre-release software.

What benefits would a university with membership badges have?

The benefits of membership badges for universities are:

  • Listing to the CSi Enterprise Membership Finder. 
  • Worldwide recognition of your company.
  • Eligible to evaluate pre-release software.
  • Exhibit membership badge on your website.

How do I change or cancel a certification purchase?

If you would like to change or cancel your certification purchase, you will need to email csi@csicertifications.us stating your decision. Please keep in mind after the first change there is a 25% certification value. Certified Users will receive a 50% of the certification value cost and Certified Students will receive a credit note if cancellations are requested.